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Preventive Dentistry for Santa Monica, CA

General and preventive dental care provides the backbone of everything we offer our patients. Santa Monica Dentists is committed to keeping the Los Angeles area healthy by offering a complete list of general dentistry services that starts with checkups and cleanings but includes so much more. Want to experience excellent jaw health? Want to avoid gum disease and the serious health complications that can accompany it? Our team at Santa Monica Dentists is eager to help!

General Dentistry Recommendations from Santa Monica Dentists

We recommend visiting our Santa Monica dental practice at least twice a year for checkups and hygiene appointments. This is the standard for most patients. During your dental exams, we look for symptoms of gum disease, ask you about any possible TMJ pain, and look for signs of wear from teeth grinding. We also perform oral cancer screenings and check for cavities. Once we’ve assessed your overall dental health, we discuss with you any other concerns you may have and make the time to answer any questions you may have.  Should you seek further dental treatment, we can create an individualized plan and address these needs.

Checkups & Cleanings

Preventive dentistry involves regular professional cleanings and exams. For most patients it is recommended these visits occur twice yearly, however, it is recommended that some patients receive cleanings more frequently, depending on individual needs.  When you visit us for these visits, one of our capable and friendly dental hygienists removes hard-to-reach debris, bacteria, plaque, and tartar from your teeth. These toxins and irritants can cause gingivitis, inflammation, and decay, so hygiene visits to Santa Monica Dentists are essential for preventing cavities and gum disease. Your dentist will also complete a full oral exam and discuss the results with you.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Do you struggle with teeth clenching or grinding? This condition, known as bruxism, affects many others just like you but can easily be managed with a special oral appliance known as a nightguard. Many bruxism patients experience the most trouble with their condition during sleep. A nightguard will help you protect both the chewing surfaces and supporting structures of your teeth from the damaging effects of frequent grinding and clenching. A lot of patients are not even aware of grinding and clenching and the long term issues is can cause with their teeth. Do you struggle with bruxism? Visit or call our Santa Monica office to learn more about treating this very serious condition.

Athletic Mouthguards

If you play a contact sport like football or hockey, you already know how important an athletic mouthguard is. The truth is, though, athletes of all types can benefit from wearing an athletic mouthguard. At Santa Monica Dentists, we’re happy to offer custom-made athletic mouthguards as one of our many general and preventive services. With your specially made appliance, you can finally give your smile the advanced protection it deserves.

Oral Cancer Screenings

While many instances of oral cancer are found in patients who participate in certain risky behaviors, like tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption, at least a quarter of cases occur in patients with none of the normal risk factors. This is why routine oral cancer screenings are important to us as a practice. We want to help our patients diagnose and treat this very serious condition as early as possible. Treating oral cancer early is the best way to ensure the best prognosis and a full recovery.

Emergency Dentistry

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Our team at Santa Monica Dentists is committed to being there for you when you need our help. Simply give us a call to notify us of your emergency. We always do our best to provide same-day care to the most urgent cases. If we can’t see you immediately, we will be happy to offer tips for managing your emergency until then.

We Look Forward to Serving You!

Visit Santa Monica Dentists for your general and preventive dentistry care, and we’ll keep you feeling your best! For patients from the greater Los Angeles area, Santa Monica Dentists provides comfortable and effective dental care that includes everything you need for optimal oral health! Has it been a while since you’ve been to the dentist? Contact us for an appointment!

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